Cassadaga Liquids

As of January 1st, Cassadaga Liquids LLC is now a subsidiary of SN Holdings, Inc (80V E-Liquids). While nothing will be changing to the product you know and love - you can now order all of your Cassadaga products from one location (Retail and Wholesale).

Thank you.
-John Nathan

SN Holdings, Inc

Cassadaga Liquids LLC

Cannoli Be One

The smash hit, "Cannoli Be One" took the vaping world by storm with it's release. Sweet, creamy vanilla filling stuffed inside a delicious pastry shell.

Cannoli Be Mine

The essence of "Cannoli Be One" decorated with a drizzle of a sweet, unique and layered strawberry topping.

Cannoli Be Nuts

We took "Cannoli Be One" and covered it in a medley of slow-roasted, chopped pistachios.

Cannoli Be Breakfast

"Cannoli Be One" only decorated in a dusting of crushed fruit cereal. Less lemon. More cream!

Cannoli Be Reserve

"Cannoli Be One" gets made over with a whole new shell! A 'cookies n' cream' crunch and a light shake of cocoa !